Optometry and the eyewear business is in dire need of a cheerleader but who is going to step forward to take that job on?

Hardly a week goes by without a healthcare issue hitting the headlines but topics with an eye care angle rarely elicit howls of protest for action from optics.

This week the issue of kids and sunglasses (In Focus, page 6) comes to the fore. It’s a well-worn path and a topic on which action has been lamentably slow. Kids eyewear brand, Monkey Monkey, has stepped forward to suggest sunglasses should be part of the school uniform but once again the dead hand of risk-aversion rules.

When every optical, educational and health organisation should be backing the call the buck is being passed. Who’s responsibility is it? Should it be a national decision or at school governor level, how inclusive is it? It shouldn’t matter.

Failing to mandate sunglasses, with their proven positive health benefits, in the name of inclusivity is wrong. There will always be some parents who can’t, or won’t, afford to buy their kids’ uniform. That’s no reason to allow the other 90% to suffer.

Killing our kids with kindness seems to be a modern malaise. Outside play, walking to school and unsupervised activity used to be me-time for kids. In the name of safety kids are becoming more myopic, more obese and less outgoing.

If the snowflake generation of parents is going to dictate every aspect of their children’s lives the least they can do is protect them from obvious, proven but preventable threats. If the powers that be won’t mandate it they need to be pushed in other ways.

When it comes to UV and vision, if the eyewear community isn’t going to come out and positively advocate sunglasses for kids, who is?