No one can accuse me of being negative and critical for the sake of it. Where I see bad spectacles, and I see them every day, I will say so.

However, I also see people every day wearing fantastic eyewear, stunning spectacles which enhance and accessorise the personality and this is always a delight.

Seeing a member of the public or a celebrity in a good set of bins is what makes it all worthwhile. Anne Robinson might seem like the perfect target for a good ribbing, but I have to tell you that she is an icon for the frame industry and I, for one, am a big fan. Let me explain why.

Anne Robinson (Photos: Empics)Robinson is a woman in complete control of her image. She is immaculately turned out whenever you see her from head to toe.

She knows exactly what to wear to project the personality and character she is presenting, from fashion icon to dominatrix.

I once read that she never wears the same set of glasses on TV twice, so whether that means she has just one optician or if she funds the whole of the optical sector in London I don't know, but whoever dispenses her glasses is one lucky person.

Take a quick look at the three images above which we easily managed to dig out which illustrate exactly what I mean - three completely different looks, three perfect looks and three perfect pairs of specs.

Look at the pair she is wearing on the left, this is her Weakest Link look. Perfect. The middle pair, a nice rimless for an easy, smart evening. Perfect. The frame on the right, modern chic and glamorous matching the clothes and hair. 

Perfect. I've got nothing to add, except how does she manage to pull off these different styles so effortlessly? Is her optician a genius or are Trinny and Susannah advising her on the quiet? I'd love to know.

Whereas most of the British community seem content in one pair of spectacles to be worn every day for three years, our European neighbours have spectacle trees (like a ring tree) or mini wardrobes for all their different pairs.

Why are we different? Why is Robinson one of the few who has a myriad of spectacles which she uses for mood, image and style?

Well I don't have an answer for that either and I wish I did. At the very least I suspect she doesn't take her frames back to her optician in an attempt to keep them alive for another few years and this is something to be applauded by us all.

You wouldn't see this fierce lady taking any stick from anybody. There is a good reason she's so successful -  I hope we can learn a few lessons from her.

Here's to you, Mrs Robinson!

  •  Tom Davies is an eyewear designer and founder of TD Tom Davies. For more details visit

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