As temperatures soared to the mid-thirties this week many of us reverted to an age-old habit of complaining about the weather.

No sooner has an unseasonably cold spring season stopped our gardens growing than they are scorched dry by relentless summer rays.

Meanwhile, commuting is unbearable, sleeping at night impossible and there is a constant need to apply sun screen.

The human tendency to complain often lands right on the doorstep of high street optical practices. This week, Optician delves into latest ‘whinge-o-meter’ figures from the Optical Consumer Complaints Service.

It is no surprise that in an age of information consumers are becoming more empowered. For optics, the effect is two-fold, with so-called ‘cyberchondriacs’ looking up their symptoms on the internet and others reliably guided by website gurus such as Martin Lewis.

The result is thousands of optician related complaints once again in the past year, meaning despite the sight saving interventions of practices across the land, patients are finding the weak points in the service.

Topping the bill are complaints about customer care, while independents and multiples fare equally well or badly, depending on which way you look at it.

Some candid conversations with practitioners suggest that being ready to greet the odd complaint with a smile and solution goes a long way towards keeping disgruntled patients cool all year round.