With reference to the privilege for the use of the title Doctor by British optometrists, the aspirations of the Mandel brothers (Joshua and Michael) and those of like minded optometrists in the UK are worthy of full consideration.

However, this will require the approval of our statutory body and also our professional bodies.

It should be pointed out to the powers that be that the use of the title Doctor by optometrists in Canada, a member country of the British Commonwealth, is socially very well established.

We should also be aware that the first examinations for our profession in the UK were conducted by the BOA in 1896.

At that time optometry as a profession did not even exist in many countries. The title ‘Doctor’ is now already in use by optometrists in several of those countries.

British optometry must move forward.

Professor Rishi Agarwal, director of postgraduate education, Institute of Optometry, London.

Visiting professor, Faculty of Health and Social Care, London South Bank University