As a locum dispensing optician I spend a lot of time working for many different optical practices both for multiples and independents.

I am often with them for a few days or a week or so as holiday cover.

I used to own my own practice so getting new spectacles for myself was never a problem as I was paying the frame and lens suppliers direct.

However, since I have been working as a locum it is not easy to buy my spectacles as more often than not the practice I am working for is unwilling to sell their products to me at a decent price as I am not a regular or indeed may not be back their way for quite some time.

I would like to ask if any frame and lens suppliers and sunglasses suppliers such as Maui Jim would be able to supply locums directly at cost price.

As registered practitioners it would be possible to supply the manufacturers with GOC numbers so they could check the register for genuine locums.

I am sure optometrist, contact lens fitting opticians and other DO colleagues who locum are all faced with this dilemma at some point.

We all want to wear the most up to date products especially as we advise our customers every day of advances in technology, we also however would like to pay the discounted price available to other practices.

So are there any suppliers and manufacturers who would be willing to help?