I read with interest the recent letter on silicone hydrogel daily disposable contact lenses (Ron Hamilton, Optician 18/1/19). Coopervision believes passionately in ocular health and the critical role of the eye care practitioner in offering patients the most appropriate contact lens products.

The latest research indicates consumers want to hear about options, are interested in wearing the healthiest lenses, and cost is no longer a barrier.1 These insights were echoed at our European Media Summit; it was clear patients may be more willing than ever to purchase products that best meet their needs.

Daily disposable lenses are widely accepted as an excellent modality, with increased prescriptions year after year.2 The growing availability of silicone hydrogel daily disposable lenses present ECPs with new and innovative products that offer even more opportunities to assist patients. They provide healthy, comfortable, highly breathable options to suit today’s lifestyles.

During the past 20 years, silicone hydrogel products have overcome many of their earlier challenges. Marked improvements have led to lenses capable of delivering high levels of oxygen transmissibility (Dk/t) across the whole lens, which helps avoid hypoxia-induced corneal swelling during open eye wear3,4 and delivers on comfort.

ECPs recognise that while some patients may show minimal hypoxia-related complications during daily wear with hydrogel materials, many will benefit from the additional oxygen delivery of silicone hydrogel materials. In fact, a recent UK survey of ECPs reported 84% feel silicone hydrogel material should be the first choice for daily disposable lenses, and 88% believe silicone hydrogel daily disposables provide better long-term health benefits.5 This is supported by UK prescribing trends: 90% of reusable daily wear contact lenses and 63% of daily disposable contact lenses are silicone hydrogel.2

Coopervision will continue to work with ECPs, helping them offer patients an extensive range of contact lenses to best suit their individual needs. In most cases, we believe that is a silicone hydrogel daily disposable.

Marcella McParland, MCOptom FAAO, FIACLE, FBCLA

Professional services director EMEA



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