Behavioural optometry, or vision therapy as it is called by many, provides a great opportunity for Independent practices to differentiate themselves and add a new income stream. With increasing referrals from educational and therapeutic organisations there is a ready-made market to plug into. Indeed many BABO members report that they struggle to meet the demand for their services.

There are a number of high profile case studies that have been released about the benefits vision therapy can offer patients which have included the well-publicised cases of Olympic equestrian William Fox Pitt and Laura Lupton. As the number of case studies increase so does the acceptance of behavioural optometry as part of the main stream in optical treatment. There is projected to be considerable growth in the sector in coming months and years.

The Fox Pitt case will feature at the BABO Conference which this year is being run in association with the AIO Conference in Bristol on 5th and 6th October. Geoff Shayler will lecture on Laura Lupton case as well his treatment of William Fox Pitt and cover other case studies.

The BABO Council and Secretariat will be available throughout the Conference to answer questions about vision therapy.

There will be over 30 CET points at the combined conferences this year as well as a great social programme that features the Gala Dinner in the splendid Palm Court room at the Bristol Royal Hotel.

To find out more about behavioural optometry or book a place at the Conference or call 0800 0499 904.