June 10 sees the start of the second induction course of the year for LOC officers. New LOC members and those looking to update their skills can apply by searching for induction on the Locsu website. It comes following the leadership course contact days held at the end of April.

With LOC AGMs continuing throughout the summer the matter of succession planning and leadership is a perennial consideration for LOCs. How do we ensure there is another generation of optical professionals coming on to LOCs who can make the case to commissioners to structure eye health services around the optical practice?

LOCs holding AGMs will soon be discussing attendance at the NOC in November. It is important representatives reflect the full mix of dispensing and optometric professionals. You can find out details of your LOC AGM on the Locsu website.

For those looking to work beyond the practice walls, there are rewarding roles within LOCs. The first step is to attend your LOC – perhaps as an observer in the first instance – and to get involved in the work of the LOC. Following that you may wish to attend the NOC as one of the free LOC places granted to each committee.

Locsu also runs a Leadership Course for Optical Professionals with applications opening later in the year. Again, details are on the Locsu website.

The sector is fortunate to have a strong cohort of able people making the case for practices to be at the centre of the delivery of extended services. However, there is always a place for more people to become involved. LOCs are inclusive organisations and everyone has a role to play.

So, contact your LOC and make sure you attend the AGM. It’s your succession plan.