There is so much about delivering home eye care that makes it the perfect career choice for optometrists, particularly those who want more than a typical high-street test room.

For many optometrists, high-street optometry has become a conveyer belt of check-ups while working in a confined space. Well, home sight tests are nothing like that – quite the opposite.

So, if domiciliary isn't for everyone, then who is it for?

It’s for optometrists that want to do what they trained for.
The increased pathology that comes with the customer demographic means you're constantly tapping into your hard-earned ophthalmic knowledge, building confidence in your diagnoses, and building on your skills. We take a patient-led approach to home eye care, meaning you're not just selling glasses; you're a clinical practitioner making a real difference to people’s lives every day – which is precisely what Optometrists trained to do.

It's for optometrists that want to make a difference.
Performing a home eye test is about providing a bespoke service to your patient so they can get the most out of their every day. But, beyond the sight test and eye health checks, you're a friendly face in the homes of people that might not have had a conversation with anyone else in days. Often, you brighten their day just by being there. When you deliver a home test, your role is key not only to your patient's eye health, but their mental health too.

It’s for Elizabeth.
“I decided I wanted to become an optometrist after I did work experience at high school; I went on to study at Bradford University and did my pre-reg with a large multiple. Once qualified, I worked in a busy practice doing 20+ tests per day and I hated it - I actually thought I had chosen the wrong career! Then I remembered seeing some domiciliary tests when I worked in a care home, thought it could be a route to try.

“When I found domiciliary at OutsideClinic, I realised that was where my heart was. I worked for them for a very happy six years before taking a career break to bring up my children. I then went back to work in a local independent optician where I was happy, but I was itching to get back on the road! I was lucky enough to get the opportunity to start back at OutsideClinic in January this year and it honestly felt like coming home!

“For me, I love domiciliary work because I love spending time with my patients and providing a high-quality eye test to those who would otherwise struggle to access eye care. Plus, I love feeling in control of my own day.

“If anyone reading this is thinking about giving domiciliary work a go, I’d say to them to open their mind to a different way of working, be flexible and just give it a real go!”

Why not speak to an optometrist?

We could sit for hours and tell you all about how great home testing is. But let's face it, there's probably no one who could explain the role and answer your questions better than a fellow optometrist who has made the change.

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