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In the first of a two part look at the links between optometry and psychiatry, Dr Doina Gherghel describes how eye diseases and their treatments can have psychological or psychiatric impact.
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Continuing our series on diabetic retinopathy, Peter Mitchell offers an overview of the Grading Scheme used in English National Diabetic Eye Screening Programme and discusses the management of non-sight threatening diabetes eye disease detected during the grading process based on the final outcome grade.
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Measuring near stereopsis.

Closing Date: 08/12/2017

Dr Kathleen Vancleef and Professor Jenny Read discuss stereopsis and how it is best assessed clinically
Binocular vision Refractive management
Jessica Gowing describes how best to dispense an optical appliance to a child
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In focus: False starts

With the two highest profile smart eyewear ventures falling to make an impact on consumers or opticians, Simon Jones looks at what went wrong and ...

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In focus: Halloween CLs

This Halloween cosmetic contact lenses again ghosted their way onto market stalls and joke shops – posing a challenge to trading standards and eye care professionals alike. Joe Ayling ...

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Look local: Dover

Even continental cousins come to Dover to get their eyes looked over. Luke Haynes finds out more

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