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To launch a regular series encouraging you to consider the various management options available for a range of dry eye disease presentations, Sarah Farrant summarises the current definition of dry eye and the evidence-based approach to assessment and management. Readers will then find an interactive online exercise relating to the topic. (C71762, one interactive CET point suitable for optometrists, therapeutic optometrists, contact lens opticians and dispensing opticians)
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Ophthalmic ultrasound

Closing Date: 28/06/2019

Grant Duncan offers an overview of a long-established technique that is still integral to the assessment of ocular structure (C71698, suitable for one distance learning CET point for optometrists, therapeutic optometrists and dispensing opticians)
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In this second of a comprehensive series covering the fundamentals of ophthalmic dispensing, Peter Black and Tina Arbon Black explore the box lens system and those measurements that should be taken or recorded every day in dispensing practice (C71598, one distance learning CET point suitable for optometrists and dispensing opticians)
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Optometrist Role, Sheffield

Sheffield | £40000 - £50000 per annum


Edinburgh | Competitive salary + great benefits

Dispensing Optician Manager

Beckton, London | Competitive salary + great benefits

Optometrist Role, Sheffield

Sheffield | £40000 - £50000 per annum

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Child wearing glasses

Dispensing interactive 1 – pa

Bill Harvey discusses your responses to the first of our interactive CET exercises running throughout this three-year CET cycle (C71349)

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9959 by Belvie Eyewear

Suns to be seen in

Optician looks at styles across the two key sunglass trends for this summer: metal construction and eye-catching colour

Cricket player

Howzat frame?

With the cricket season well under way and the World Cup fast approaching, Optician focused on eyewear used in one of the world’s biggest sports for ...

Belgian brand Ruud van Dyke

Mind the gap

Filling gaps in the frame market is a tough call in today’s crowded eyewear scene but that is exactly what the Austrian Michael Pachleitner Group is ...

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Green, safe, responsible

Dr Marc Wawerla, Stephan Hund and Joachim Kuss look at the production of prescription and stock eyeglass lenses at Zeiss and consider what is already ...

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Something better change

​So, CCGs think that cataract extraction is of ‘limited clinical value’. We all need to voice our rage at this at every opportunity possible

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