Designs for life

Optician sits down with Marcolin’s design department to learn more about the company’s creative process

Design is the cornerstone of Marcolin’s business. Manufacturing and distribution rely on accurately reflecting both the fashion zeitgeist of the time and tapping into the DNA of the brand partners that patients recognise and love.

The design team at company headquarters in Longarone have a difficult task on their hands achieving this combination of predicting future trends and maintaining brand values, but the group of expert creatives are well-skilled in their craft, which has changed massively in recent years.

Gone are the days of simple designs and narrow selections of colours. Frame design at the turn of the decade is a far-reaching multifactorial project that fuses modern creative technology and manufacturing capability with organic inspiration. Marcolin’s designers favour taking inspirations from very different sources. From music to architecture, through trips abroad to the trend-setting cities, attending trade shows and receiving creative inputs direct from the fashion house partners the company works with.

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