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In Focus: Building sustainability

Any independent optical practice that can showcase its environmental credentials can differentiate itself from the pack as sustainability is firmly on the agenda for many discerning patients.

As more people get wise to greenwashing, it is important to ensure that any sustainable solution implemented is measurable and transparent.

At 100% Optical, a programme was launched by Practice Building that was designed to help optical practices navigate the varying advice while reducing carbon footprint and plastic waste.

Andy Clark, founder of Practice Building, told Optician that at the end of its first week, 24 independents had signed up and hundreds more expressed an interest. ‘On the internet, there are many net zero checklists for businesses that can prove daunting. We became frustrated and sat down to develop our own net zero programme to make the complex issues simple to implement. A lot can be achieved to save the planet if we all do our bit and don’t wait for the politicians,’ he said.

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