100% Optical: Dry eye solutions

Lucy Patchett speaks to suppliers about newly launched products to treat dry eye symptoms

Positive Impact developed an exclusive product for its Dry Eye Zone range, called the TearRestore thermal eye mask. It is said to be the first and only open-eye warm compress, which tackles a common inconvenience for patients as they can be active during their daily compress session, instead of having to lie down.

The TearRestore Starter Kit is made up of a reusable, self-heating thermal gel eye mask, which supplies 10 minutes of consistent therapeutic heat at 42ºC, and the TearRestore eye mask with a headstrap. Once activated and attached together, the heated design targets the meibomian glands by liquefying oils in the meibomian, resulting in natural oil gland expression throughout use as the user blinks and pumps blockages out.

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