A second chance in optics

Those who fall foul of the law endure not only the time they serve behind bars, but also the societal stigma that comes after. One optical practice, however, is helping to give them a second chance by introducing them to optics. Sean Rai-Roche reports

Prison. The very thought of it sends shudders down the spine. But for those who find themselves incarcerated, the pain does not stop upon their release. So great is the stigma towards ex-prisoners that many find themselves starved of opportunities, understanding and, most importantly, a second chance.

The proven reoffending rate for those incarcerated for 12 months in 2016 was a staggering 63.8%, according to a government report into prisons. Not only does this speak volumes about the effectiveness of the prison service to ‘rehabilitate’, but it is also illustrative of our inability, as a society, to provide viable alternatives for offenders.

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