AI-wear of the future

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Simon Jones looks at some of the ways artificial intelligence has worked its way into the eyewear sector

One of Filippo Nassetti’s AI-generated eyewear concepts Image: Filippo Nassetti

You might not consider glamorous fashion eyewear and the large data sets of artificial intelligence (AI) to be particularly well-suited bedfellows, and you would be correct to a certain extent. But the emerging technology’s reach is going farther than you might think.

While AI is having a significant impact in clinical technology and lens manufacturing, its use in eyewear is more circumspect, at least for the moment. Platforms like ChatGPT may have grabbed the headlines for its ability to create human-text based on context and past conversations, but text to image-based AI software such as Dezgo, OpenAi and DeepAI have all grabbed the attention of designers inside and outside of the eyewear sector.

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