And a new one just begun

Clinical Practice
Bill Harvey looks at a couple of CPD highlights for the coming year

After a short period of readjustment, most registered eye care professionals (ECPs) seem to have taken to CPD well, perhaps appreciative of the greater flexibility offered in recognising a broader range of learning and development experiences. At mid-year session organised by the GOC last summer, the figures showed that a large number of ECPs had already logged CPD points and that the vast majority of these were provider-led points (figure 1). I suspect that those not yet to have logged any points at that stage were building a portfolio to be uploaded at the end of the year.

As we look forward to 2023, be reassured that Optician will continue to offer a wide range of CPD point opportunities covering breadth of subject areas. Alongside the more traditional distance learning features, there will be regular interactive CPD exercises. Though these are a little more time-consuming, the overall feedback I hear suggests they are a good way of encouraging discussion about a range of topics and, as one reader told me, are actually quite enjoyable.

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