Audiology tech: Advances in audiology

Optician looks at some of the new hearing aid and audiology tech that is useful in practices

Oticon says its new premium hearing aid, Real, provides access to the ‘full spectrum of sound’ with exceptional detail and clarity, while simultaneously reducing wind and handling noise and other sudden disruptive sounds that make it hard for wearers to engage.

Real is said to support how the brain naturally works, automatically and precisely processing the details of all sounds, so wearers can follow conversations with more awareness, focus and control, even in challenging environments.

The devices utilises BrainHearing technology, which helps the brain make sense of its surroundings so users can focus on what is important. An on-board Deep Neural Network has been trained with 12 million real-life sounds, which Oticon says ensures each sound is delivered with exceptional detail. This built-in intelligence allows users to gain back the sounds of real life without compromising clarity, so they can engage more, focus better, and enjoy everyday experiences to the fullest. It also means subtle actions like brushing hair or making an adjustment to a pair of spectacles, which can be bothersome for a hearing aid wearer, are minimised but speech clarity is prioritised. As a result, Oticon says the hearing aid significantly reduces listening effort, giving users confidence in their ability to engage and focus.

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