BCLA CLEAR interactive feedback: Evidence-based contact lens practice 1 – contact lens fitting

Manbir Nagra and Neil Retallic give a review of discussions regarding the BCLA CLEAR interactive exercise from Optician 1/12/23 (C107254)



We previously published an interactive CPD activity based on two patient cases inspired by the BCLA CLEAR series, specifically the Evidence Based Contact Lens Practice (EBP) report.

Here, we provide a summary of our discussions.


A 30-year-old patient attends for a new contact lens fitting. She works in an office-based role, with around five to six hours of daily VDU use at work plus several hours spent looking at a smartphone. Refractive error is R -2.00 DS L -1.75/-0.75x95. She would like soft daily disposable contact lenses for infrequent wear, approximately once every week.

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