Blue light protection

Professor Chris Dickinson describes the transmission performance of spectacle lenses designed to control the amount of blue light entering the eye

Many lens manufacturers and prescription houses are currently supplying spectacle lenses, which are described as ‘blue blocking’ or ‘blue protect’ or ‘blue control’. These lenses have a slightly yellow/amber appearance (of transmitted light) with a noticeably blue reflection from each surface (figure 1). They have been recommended to optical professionals and patients to guard against retinal damage caused by exposure to blue light.

This article describes the measurement of the transmission of these lenses.

While large amounts of blue light are indisputably damaging to primate retina,1 there is no evidence that normal exposure to artificial light sources can deliver enough energy to cause such damage. This applies even to the light from mobile electronic devices with LED-backlit screens, despite the fact that they do emit more short wavelength radiation than other types of lamp, and are often viewed for many hours.

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