Case study: Continuing care

Community optometrist Lynn Jackson describes a case she has followed over much of her career that emphasises the value of continuity of care. It also reflects changes in the availability of technology over the past three decades

My husband and I opened a practice in Kent, from scratch, back in 1985. Thirty-two years on, my husband has retired, the practice is sold, and I continue to work on a part-time basis. When I see a patient that we have cared for for 30 or more years, I feel both old and nostalgic. It is also interesting to track the aging eye. I have come to the conclusion that aging does not have a great deal to recommend it, as is illustrated by this case history.

Case study


This patient was a pharmacist working for a big pharmaceutical company. At the age of 57, hyperopia and presbyopia were kicking in and he was inquiring about bifocals instead of his present readers. General health was good and he took no medication. His family history was relevant as his mother had glaucoma. Here are the relevant findings from this visit.

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