Case study: Fluid on the brain

In the latest of his neurology cases from optometric practice, Kirit Patel looks at two instances of intracranial fluid build-up, the first due to hydrocephalus and the second with problems due to the development of an intracranial cyst

Fluid around and within the brain can have various effects on the function of brain tissues, including memory deficit, visual loss and double vision to name a few. It is important we always look at the patient in their entirety as soon as they walk into the clinic. Even their walk could indicate that the patient is suffering from brain problems. Similarly, changes in the patient’s personality may also indicate cerebral problems.

Case 1

A 77-year-old diabetic male had back surgery for a spinal stenosis (abnormal narrowing) in 2010. Over the preceding years he had been suffering from back pain and pain at the back of the legs due to nerve root compression resulting from the narrowed spinal spaces. The surgery was successful, and for three months he was pain free.

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