Case study: Large spheres, small cylinders

Bill Harvey reports the results when he used the CooperVision app to prescribe contact lenses for a patient who had previously been told she was not suitable for lens wear

Patient MB, aged 45, had worn contact lenses some years ago. She had tried rigid gas permeable (RGP) lenses and spherical soft lenses, and found the vision sharpest but the comfort unacceptable in the RGPs. She had not tried soft torics before.


Over recent years, MB’s work requires long periods at a computer. The onset of early presbyopia along with a less than acceptable tear supply had led her to move back into spectacles (single vision with a minor nasal adjustment for sharp near acuity). Though glasses offer good vision, MB is inconvenienced by spectacle wear and dislikes the minimification the lenses cause to her ocular appearance.

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