Changing pressures

In the first of two reports from the recent Haag-Streit UK Glaucoma Symposium, Bill Harvey looks at some recent advances in glaucoma research and management

The annual Glaucoma Symposium organised by Haag-Streit UK has become an established event on the optometry education calendar. This year the event was held at Stanstead and the audience of mainly optometrists were treated to a range of lectures and workshops delivered by an impressive array of experienced experts in the field.


Professor Rupert Bourne may be a familiar name as he has had strong connections with the optometry department at Anglia Ruskin University and was also instrumental in the seminal papers detailing the various causes of global blindness. Using his experience as a consultant ophthalmologist based both in the UK and the US, he began with a look at the epidemiology of glaucoma.

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