Clearer vision

Bill Harvey highlights key points of a webinar from eye surgery discussions with patients

A laudable trend in recent years has been the increased use of patients in CPD live events. While most of the facts and details heard during lectures and webinars might just as easily be learned from a good reference list and library, listening to the real-life experiences of patients and practitioners is what makes a good live education event so worthwhile.

An excellent example of this was the recent College of Optometrists webinar focusing on the latest developments in cataract and vitreoretinal surgery. Over 1,000 delegates tuned in to the online event to hear from, not only the always excellent consultant ophthalmologist Kam Balaggan, but also the three patients who had undergone the new treatments under discussion. Hearing the reactions of each of them, as they realised that they were watching a film of their own eye being operated on, was quite something. And, interesting as it was to hear about new surgical procedures, it was the descriptions from the patients of how their lives had changed since treatment and what they felt as the surgery was being carried out that will stay in the memory most. This approach to teaching is something Mr Balaggan feels strongly about, hence the main title of the session: ‘The patient as the teacher.’

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