CLs: A specialist design for life

Specialist contact lenses offer great benefits to patients with complex prescriptive requirements. Optician presents a selection available to practitioners in the UK

Designed specifically for keratoconus and irregular corneas, KeraSoft Thin’s unique design is said to allow the lens to drape well over the peripheral cornea in comparison to thicker, soft designs. This improved drapage reduces tear pooling under the lens, in turn stabilising visual acuity. 

With a centre thickness of 0.20mm, KeraSoft Thin allows for an increased oxygen permeability, which helps to maintain a healthy cornea and is particularly important for post-graft cases. Some cases of keratoconus will require high minus powers or high cyls, which can add to the overall thickness, however, KeraSoft Thin works to reduce this thickness, improving comfort and all day wear.

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