CooperVision student summit: Finalists’ research in the spotlight

In the fifth article looking at the research undertaken by each of the finalists in this year’s CooperVision Student of the Year competition, Bill Harvey takes a look at the duo based at Aston University

Finalists – Aisha Rahman and Reiss Jhamat

Project – Evaporation Protection of the Tear Film

Supervisor – Professor James Wolffsohn and Dr Maria Vidal-Rohr

This entry was unique in that it was the work of two students and the judges were impressed by the way they combined their presentations to great effect (figure 1). As explained in the leaflet given out to participants in the study, ‘Dry eye is an irritating chronic condition that affects many people. Although newer treatments differ from each other in what elements of the tear film (fluid covering the front of the eye) they aim to replace, there is currently limited knowledge of how signs and symptoms are related to one another. Therefore, this study will assess your tear film in detail and will assess the effect of a concentrated computer task and humid goggles on its characteristics. Over time this will aid us in personalising the treatments prescribed to patients.’

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