Dr Meredith Bishop, Dr Kurt Moody, Drew Hansen and Natalie Ambrose share the results of an in-practice assessment undertaken with a large group of eye care professionals that looked at the transition from adopting the new technology of multifocal contact lenses and translating it into everyday practice fitting behaviour

Crossing the Chasm is a very popular book in business school curricula discussing marketing of high-tech products.1 The concept of a product adoption ‘chasm’ also applies to practitioners as we consider bringing new products into our practices (figure 1).

Geoffrey Moore, the author of the book, proposes that there is big gap between those who know how to create a competitive advantage by being first to adopt new technology, and the much larger group in the early majority who, while willing to embrace new technology, want and need the tips and tricks from the early adopters to help minimise their risk in trying.

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