Developing the space for eye care

Since a radical change in approach, Sightsavers has been working with governments to support systems that deliver eye care. Sean Rai-Roche speaks to its policy director to explore its philosophy, projects and where it’s going next

‘Our aim is to work ourselves out of a job,’ says Dominic Haslam, Sightsavers’ director of policy and programme strategy. It is a statement indicative of the philosophy and outlook of an organisation fighting against avoidable blindness and for the equal inclusion of the visually impaired in society – it should not have to exist but it will until it is no longer needed.

Many working in optics will know of Sightsavers. Some may even support them in some way. But how much do you know about exactly what they do? How they operate? What drives their decisions? For example, did you know that the organisation underwent a ‘paradigm shift’ around 10 years ago that has significantly influenced the way it operates now?

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