Digital devices and their ocular impact

Clinical Practice
Elke Dobisch, Dr Natalia Vlasak and Andrew Sanders reveal the results of a survey into the usage of digital devices in the UK, their impact on ocular health, and potential patient interest in solutions

Since the 1980s we have been using desktop PCs, in the nineties we added laptops, and for around the last 10 years most of us have not been able to imagine life without our tablet and smartphone.

On the one hand our digital devices make our lives easier, allowing unprecedented connection with the world around us. But on the other, our eyes are confronted with challenges that previous generations never had to face.

So how much do we use our digital devices, and does this use have an effect on our wellbeing? Are users aware of the impact digital screens can have on their eyes? What do they do to relieve eye strain? And how do patients react to the solution that companies like Hoya and eye care professionals (ECPs) can offer them?

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