Dry eye and depression

The great debate: Does dry eye disease lead to depression or vice versa? To recognise World Mental Health Day on Tuesday, October 10, Neil Retallic sparks a discussion around the relationship between dry eye disease and depression

Figure 8: The green ribbon pin, the international symbol of mental health awareness

Philosophy means ‘love of wisdom’ and, although some debate topics such as ‘can vegetables feel pain?’ may seem peculiar, other more carefully selected choices can result in eye opening moments of deep critical thinking.

For eye and health care providers, thought provoking discussions, on seemingly unanswerable questions, may support with finding solutions to health service provision issues, which could ultimately enhance patient care and strengthen multidisciplinary working relationships.1

There are a plethora of publications linking mental health conditions, such as depression, and ocular pathology, such as dry eye disease (DED). It is therefore no surprise that this association is of interest and receiving attention (figure 1).

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