Dry eye treatments round-up

With most working environments now demanding long hours of screen time and with air conditioning on full blast in the summer, dry eye symptoms are often difficult to escape. Zoe Wickens reports on what products are on the market to ease the pain and asks some office staff to give them a try

Lacrifresh Ocu-Dry

Avizor’s Lacrifresh Ocu-Dry eye drops are made of 0.30% hyaluronate, are hypotonic and have a low osmotic concentration.

Available in 0.4ml vials, the preservative free eye drops provide relief of moderate to severe dry eye symptoms by correcting the imbalance of tears that have high evaporation and less replacement.

The tears latch onto the water in the eye drops, enabling the eyes to become balanced once more.

Suitable for all contact lens wearers, the eye drops can be bought over the counter in independent and national optician practices.

‘Gentle on the eyes’

Optician asked a male aged 40 to test this product for a week. His gritty and itchy dry eyes are worse during the summer months, and often require him to take regular screen breaks and wash his eyes with tap water.

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