Easy on the eyes

Proper eye makeup removal is vital to maintaining eye health. Zoe Wickens reports on why that is and what are the best approaches

An alarming story in Optician recently (News 08.06.18) about a 50-year-old woman from Australia, who neglected to remove her eye makeup over a period of 25 years has served as a timely reminder of the importance of a proper eye makeup removal regime.

Fifty-year-old Theresa Lynch booked a doctor’s appointment, complaining of eye irritation. Her eyelids were lifted during an eventual examination by an ophthalmologist who found dark calcified concretions containing mascara build up. She had inadequately removed her eye makeup for so long it had lodged itself and caused conjunctivitis.

In order for optometrists to be able to correctly advise their patients on the best way to remove eye makeup, Optician spoke to Butterflies Healthcare, which specialises in hypoallergenic cosmetics that can be used by contact lens wearers and those with sensitive eyes.

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