Executive bifocal creatively solves an artist’s problem

An innovative solution to an artist’s needs for clear close and distant vision in her studio provided a welcome dispensing challenge. Jonathan Shapiro reports

Occasionally a good imagination can solve problems. The patient is an artist working with live models and painting on canvas. With the onset of presbyopia difficulties arose on seeing clearly in the distance, while needing close vision when working on the canvas. To further complicate matters the canvas has a large vertical perspective.

Previous attempts with multiple pairs and multifocals failed as being impractical. The patient was referred to us to attempt to find a solution.

The prescription is RE +2.00/-1.50 x 160 LE +1.50/-1.75 x 15, with an addition of +1.50 for the canvas on the easel and the colour palette.

The concept chosen was to glaze a bifocal at 90 degrees. This would provide distance vision in the ipsilateral section of the glazed lenses while the other section would be used for near vision. The axes of the lenses were ordered 900 from the normal prescription, i.e. RE +2.00/-1.50 x 70 LE +1.50/-1.75 x 105.

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