Future of Optics: Refractive surgery

Shehzad Naroo introduces Optician’s Future of Optics coverage, which revisits predictions made for 2020 at the turn of the millennium and then assesses the state of refractive surgery now and in the future

The year is 2000, we have just entered the new millennium and look with hope to the future. We survived the potential threat of the millennium bug that was predicted to cause so much chaos on the stroke of midnight on the December 31, 1999. There was a sigh of relief and a welcome anti-climax as the world did not enter an apocalypse, but so much was the unknown threat of the millennium bug that the UK government posted guidance leaflets to every home (figure 1) to educate and guide us. We are now safely into the new millennium, the year 2000! To celebrate this milestone almanac event, various invited authors wrote a supplement for Optician magazine called ‘Vision 2020’ as that was going to be a big year in the ophthalmic world (little did we know of the global pandemic that would affect us). The papers prophesied what the ophthalmic world would be like in 2020 on the topics of:

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