Getting your message across

Marketing for small businesses has moved on in the 21st century. The recession hammered local press and radio so many sought out more effective options. Healthcare marketing expert Paul Clapham looks at the seven most effective elements of modern day marketing

1 If you haven’t got a website, get one. Equally if your existing site is seriously in need of updating get it done. In both cases I suggest using a professional. A poorly produced amateur site harms your reputation from the off. That’s the point – ever more people source professional services on the web to start with – no website equals no enquiry. Insist your designer teaches you how to do basic updates – new staff, new brands, new contact details, etc.

2 Once you’ve got or have updated your site, do some SEO – search engine optimisation. This could be done by the same expert as above, but a real specialist could well be a good idea. If Google and other search engines can’t find you, there’s not much point creating a website to start with. To help your expert, be clear about what prompts you want to bring customers to you. Be specific: fewer and better enquiries is usually good news.

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