Howzat frame?

With the cricket season well under way and the World Cup fast approaching, Optician focused on eyewear used in one of the world’s biggest sports for the second innings of its sport series. Sean Rai-Roche reports

‘It’s often amateur players who are most at risk as they don’t have the same advice, support and products as the elite athletes,’ says managing director of Eyesite Opticians Jim Green.

Green is a sports vision specialist who has been providing eye care consultations to a number of well-known sports teams and athletes over the years. Through Eyesite Opticians, which has five practices in the south of England, Green has been working with Sussex and Surrey County Cricket Clubs since 2009 and 2016, respectively.

He says even the most experienced athletes are sometimes unaware of the dangers posed by inappropriate eyewear. ‘The amount of these guys who slaver themselves up in factor-50 sun cream when in Sri Lanka, but then don’t wear their eyewear or aren’t aware that the eye is so much more sensitive to UV than skin,’ he says.

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