In focus: Communication at the heart of it all

Rapidly becoming an end of year institution the Alconversation was held once again at Alcon’s Academy near Camberley in Surrey. Chris Bennett reports

Communication became an impromptu theme at this year’s Alconversation which was once again ably chaired under the quiet confidence of Richard Edwards, the Optical Consumer Complaints Service’s clinical adviser.

The discussion was introduced by Alcon UK business unit head Ray Pasko. He said the discussion was not about Alcon but about the profession and the challenges it faced. ‘Alcon is proud to sponsor this,’ he said, ‘It’s an opportunity to think about some of the things that are going on in 2018. A positive conversation to build the industry we want.’

Edwards echoed those sentiments describing the Alconversation as an opportunity to stop and pause to think about some of the issues facing the industry. He also revealed that the discussion was being broadcast live across the internet.

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