In focus: Online visibility in UK optics

A report has highlighted the level of visibility opticians have online. Sean Rai-Roche unpicks the results and investigates what they mean

Much is made of the increasing presence of online retailing in optics. And rightly so. According to a market research report by IBISWorld, over the five years to 2019, revenue from online sales of glasses and contact lenses grew at an annual compound rate of more than 6% and revenue in 2019 was more than £260m.

Over the years Optician has catalogued and studied the rise of online eyewear retailers, assessing their competition to the UK high street chains and analysing their rise in terms of business performance and market reach.

Now, a report by digital marketing company Salience has revealed where industry leaders sit in terms of visibility within the online eyewear market through a year on year comparison between competitors. Its original release included only 51 online eyewear retailers but, after Optician reached out for more information, it provided data on how all the major UK chains were performing.

Online challenges

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