Interactive CET feedback: Contact lens dropout

Our interactive CET on contact lens droput (Optician 2 June) was designed to encourage discussion of how to predict possible causes and to consider pre-emptive measures to minimise the risk of it happening. Bill Harvey discusses your responses

For this exercise you were asked to consider the case of a 41-year-old male who has the following spectacle refraction:

R +1.75DS (6/4 and N5 at 40cm)

L + 1.50DS (6/4 and N5 at 40cm).

He is a computer programmer and is finding he needs to wear his spectacles full time, where previously they were needed only for near work tasks. As he is not keen on this, he is very interested in trying contact lenses instead and expresses a wish to wear them full time.

His general health is good, he is not on any medications, and his ocular history and that of his family is unremarkable. His fluorescein tear break up time is 10 seconds, he shows no corneal staining and the tear prism height (before the dye is instilled) is measured at 0.2mm.

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