Interview: Luisa Delgado, CEO Safilo and Safilo France MD Carole Binet

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With nearly half of Safilo’s leadership roles now held by women, Simon Jones discussed gender and diversity in optics with two of the company’s leading lights, CEO Luisa Delgado and Safilo France MD, Carole Binet

Safilo believes that the optical industry has no reason to exclude women. On the contrary, one of the women I find most inspiring in the optical industry is Dame Mary Perkins,’ Safilo CEO Luisa Delgado tells Optician early in the conversation into how Safilo has been on a four-year journey to improved diversity within the company.

Four years ago, before she took up her position as CEO, Delgado says just one of the ‘top 125’ positions within the company’s global leadership team was held by a woman. Staggeringly, only one post these posts was taken up by an Italian.

‘We weren’t exactly balanced,’ says Delgado. ‘When I renewed and extended our leadership team, I engaged all my HR and other partners to say, “whenever we look at candidates, I want to see men and women – and then the best shall win.” I wanted to make sure we had totally fished the pool of candidates.’ The leadership team now comprises 39% women and at the last check, 11 different nationalities.

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