Jane Veys: Accentuate the positive

Jane Veys, director, global professional education for Johnson & Johnson Vision reflects on her experience as an eye care practitioner, a researcher, an educator and a new wearer, on what we can do to help stop contact lens dropout

I am a contact lens enthusiast. I am an optometrist and an optimist; I sing along to Bing Crosby’s classic hit – ‘Accentuate the positive, eliminate the negative’ and yes, you guessed it (not least by my musical recall), I am a presbyope. Phew – disclaimers up front and out of the way.

I have never been comfortable with the term ‘dropout’ – sounds too negative, a failure, been there done that, unsuccessful, outcast. An optimist takes a more positive approach – focusing on how to retain wearers for longer, to meet an individual’s needs throughout their lifetime.

Eyes change, lives change – our needs change. So, as eye care practitioners, do we really know our patients, and understand their individual needs and preferences at different stages in their life? I believe we can do more to improve the experience of a contact lens wearer, not least by speaking positively and personally about the benefits of contact lenses to each and every individual.

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