Lens File: Myopia done the MyCon way

Andrew Copley explains why single vision lenses are not the answer for myopia management and how Rodenstock’s MyCon offers a solution

It is very doubtful that anyone in the optical world has not heard that we are on the verge of a myopia epidemic. The study from Holden et al in 20161 predicts that potentially 50% of the world’s population will be myopic by the year 2050.

Why should this matter? Why are we concerned about this shift towards myopia? A large reason is the associated risks of other conditions that come with being myopic.  

Studies by Bullimore & Brennan;2 Flitcroft;3 Haarman et al,4 show these risks increase dramatically according to the level of myopia. Table 1 shows why, when it comes to myopia management, each dioptre matters. 

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