Lens file: New material helps protect against high energy violet light

Ophthalmic lenses
Tokai UK’s Leigh Smith outlines the benefits of its high energy violet light filtering lens, Lutina

Blue light, age-related macular degeneration (AMD) and cataracts are currently more talked about than ever, which is good news for the awareness and importance of eye health and interest in lenses that can help protect the long-term health of the eyes.

Tokai, probably best known for its 1.76 index ‘thinnest organic lens in the world’, has recently turned its attention to patients’ eye health and protection. In particular, protecting against the effects of high energy violet light (HEV).

What is HEV light and how does it differ to UV light?

Most patients now recognise and understand the dangers of UV light, but there can be misunderstandings between UV light and the potentially damaging effects of HEV light. UVB can damage the cornea, while UVA is absorbed in the crystalline lens which can lead to long term damage such as AMD and cataracts. People are generally aware that sunglass and almost all clear lenses now have UV protection up to 400nm, but what they may not be aware of is that it is also beneficial to block HEV light between 400nm-420nm.

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