Lens study: Taking the strain

Chris Ang, Professor Dejan Dinevski, Dr Natalia Vlasak and Andria Kok evaluate the efficiency of spectacle lenses with accommodative support and a blue light filter in reducing computer vision syndrome/digital eye strain symptoms in comparison with habitual spectacles

The aim of this trial was to determine whether the use of spectacle lenses with accommodative and blue light filter reduced the symptoms of digital eye strain. Thirty-one healthy volunteers were enrolled on this study according to the inclusion and exclusion criteria. The primary outcome was reduction in the severity of visual symptoms related to digital device use. Secondary outcomes were measures of visual performance, including:

a) Visual acuity.

b) Amplitude of accommodation.

c) MEM retinoscopy.

d) Visual experience score.

e) Satisfaction score.

Our study suggests that the use of spectacle lenses with accommodative support and blue light filter may be advantageous for users of digital devices who suffer from computer vision syndrome (CVS). The viewing distances measured were closer than those previously reported in the literature.

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