Lenses: Enhancements as standard

Optician presents a selection of enhanced single vision lenses that offer patients sophisticated performance at the price and convenience of a stock lens.

Jai Kudo describes its Wideview Confidence Boost (pictured top) as a revolutionary single vision lens designed to combat visual fatigue during prolonged reading and digital screen use.

The lens incorporates a plus power addition in the near vision area, which is said to effectively alleviate eye strain associated with constant near-distance focus on books and electronic devices.

Developed specifically for pre-presbyopes aged 18 to 45, these lenses enhance visual quality, enabling faster focus and improved readability of small details on digital screens.

Powered by Jai Kudo’s Smart Add Technology, Wideview Confidence Boost offers three different additions (0.50D, 0.75D, and 1.00D) and ensures higher quality features in the near vision zone.

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