Looking in labs: Manufacturing lenses - part 2

Mike Hale continues the series with a look at lens generators and speaks to Chris Smith of Waterside about the generation process


Satisloh currently has two lines of lens generators the VFT-Orbit 2, which is automated for big labs, and the VFT-macro, which is manual for medium and small sized labs. The VFT-Orbit 2 is the company’s high volume flagship which processes all organic lens materials and generates up to 110 lenses per hour.

The machine is said to raise the bar set by the original VFT-orbit with greatly improved performance, throughput, quality and reliability. Key enhancements include a new ultra-fast milling spindle for cribbing, rough surfacing to reduce the blank’s size that increases throughput by up to 30%, a proprietary milling tool interface for 14-tooth cutter which enables 60% higher revolution speed, and a VFT fast tool for surface accuracy and smoothness.

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