Myopia management 3: Communication is everything

In the third and final feature in our series where practitioners describe their own experience in introducing myopia control techniques into practice, Craig McArthur focuses on communication

Myopia Control: What’s all the buzz?

It seems that one could scarcely throw a figurative stone in optometric circles these days without hitting someone talking about myopia control or myopia management. The industry magazines, industry journals and both international and domestic conferences alike are awash with speakers, seminars, and workshops on the very subject.

I am aware of the obvious irony in pointing this out in the introduction of a myopia management article, but it cannot be ignored that myopia management is the optometric worlds current ‘hot button issue,’ sparking debates and intrigue the length of the UK and beyond. Social media channels and video blogging have added a new 21st century dimension, offering immediacy and haste to the debate like never before.

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