Myopia: Ortho-k case studies

Michelle Beach and Neil Donnelly share case study examples of how ortho-k has benefited patients

This patient started their ortho-k journey on a Thursday, wearing Bloom night lenses on Thursday night and attended first thing Friday morning. 

Starting Rx: R -2.00 / -0.75 x 55 L -1.75 / -0.50 x 40 

In 2019, she was R & L -0.75 BEs and could not go into myopia management originally as under hospital due to severe binocular vision issues, which started during the pandemic. She has been under hospital and had squint surgery last year to stabilise binocular vision.

Upon discharge, she was given an all clear by her ophthalmologist and came back into my care in May 2023. Patient is also a keen netball player and musician. Father is R -6.75 L -8.75. Mother hyperopic. Patient after five night wear: R -0.25 L plano.  

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