Novel multifocal CLs for presbyopia

The advantages of MyDay multifocal, fitting tips and study results on patient satisfaction

itting the optimal multifocal contact lens (MFCL) may look different for every presbyope who walks into your practice, because the decision for lens type, material and replacement schedule can vary depending on lens wear history, ocular physiology, lifestyle and expectations. Today’s soft MFCLs are available in a range of lens designs, with centre near or distance optics, to deliver good vision performance for different stages of presbyopia, while supporting ocular health and comfort.1,2

CooperVision has recently introduced MyDay multifocal to the daily disposable family, which has already proved successful in single vision spherical and toric designs. This expansion with an option for presbyopes means there is now a MyDay lens for all stages of life. The lens material, stenfilcon A, uses Aquaform Technology, which provides a unique balance of high oxygen transmissibility (Dk/t =100 x 10-9 @ -3.00DS), high water content (54%) and optimum modulus for comfortable wear.3 This is particularly beneficial to presbyopic MFCL wearers who more commonly suffer with dryness and discomfort.4 MyDay multifocal is offered in a wide prescription range from sphere +8.00 to -12.00DS, with 0.25DS steps in the majority of sphere powers for accuracy of prescribing, and three different near add powers, and allows for coverage of 71% of presbyopic eyes as determined in a cohort of 53,000 presbyopic clinic patients.5 MyDay and MyDay toric have been shown to cover 96% of prescriptions for pre-presbyopic patients;6 and there is then a total coverage of 83% of eyes achieved with the MyDay daily disposable brand family.7

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