On the road again

Heidelberg UK have been touring the country again offering live patient assessment, analysis and discussion. Bill Harvey reports

Three years ago, Heidelberg ran a series of events around the UK where local ophthalmologists brought along interesting patients from their clinic who were then assessed live in front of the audience using the Spectralis (see Optician 14.04.2016). The results were then displayed and discussed among the delegates. This format proved exciting and informative, so I was pleased to see that a similar tour had been planned for this spring. Here are the details of the patients presented when the tour made it to Exeter recently.

Patient cases

The guest presenter was Dr Mitra Tavakoli, an optometrist and senior lecturer in Medicine at University of Exeter Medical School. She first gave some history of each of the three patients and then each was scanned, the Spectralis linked to the data projector so all could watch the live scan as it was being described.

Patient 1


The first patient was a 64-year-old female non-smoker. Her complaint had been an awareness of a ‘blob in her right eye’ since October 2017. Her acuities had remained unaffected over this time and measured in logMAR as follows:

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